facilitating change

2009 Anatomy Trains  & Neck Master Class (Teaching Assistant) KMI - Everest Institute, Tigard, OR 
2008 (VM4) Visceral Manipulation; the Thorax-Barral Institute,Seattle WA
2008 (VM3) Visceral Manipulation: The Pelvis -Barral Institute, Fairhaven WA
2008 (VM2) Visceral Manipulation; Abdomen 2 -Barral Institute,Seattle WA
2007 KMI Training Structural Strategies (Teaching assistant) - Seattle WA
2007 "Moving Forward" (Aston, Heller,Bond, Schwinn) IASI Symposium, Boston, MA
2007 First International Fascial Research Congress Convention Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
2007 (VM1) Visceral Manipulation abdomen  Upledger institute, Seattle WA
2007 Anatomy Trains (Teaching Assistant) KMI -  Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle WA
2005 "Integration our legacy - Our future" (Sultan, Schulz,Maupin,Frank) IASI symposium, Seattle WA 
Practitioner: Fred Shipley LMT

Licensure: Oregon ORL   8024                             since 2002
Washington MA 00016730                                   since 2002

CBSI Certified  Structural Integrator cm                  since 2007
Certified KMI Practitioner of Structural Integration   since 2005
IASI member                                                       since 2004